Places to visit

 visit to our campsite in the Landes.

The Landes are an impressive nature destination, mixing the blue of the sea, sandy beaches, dunes and pine forests. During your stay in this department, here are the places to visit absolutely.

he current of Huchet for a boat trip

Located between the Lagoon of Leon and the Atlantic Ocean, the current of Huchet is a unique place in the world. This 618 ha stream crosses the Bay of Biscay and is part of a protected site. Going down the current on a boat, you will discover a breathtaking botanical wealth, while inhaling the scent of nature in the middle of the water.

Marquèze and its Ecomuseum

To reach Marquèze, you first travel through the Landes forest by train. You will be amazed by a sudden change of atmosphere since Marquèze takes you directly to the past. The ecomuseum is a 19th century neighborhood that has kept its image of yesteryear. You will enter the furnished houses as before, and during your stay, you will live with the inhabitants by participating in their culture as the games of Gascons. Various animations are set up for the children so that they live the adventure full of discoveries.

Lake Hossegor

Do you like surfing? Go through Hossegor and on its marine lake, get on the board! You will play at the rhythm of the water, soft to the rhythm of the flows. The lake belongs to a protected site which, in summer, becomes a lively place. During the holidays, Hossegor offers a festive atmosphere with gaming clubs, restaurants, and several new activities.

The beach of Cap de l’Homy

This is the place for those seeking a change of scenery and calm. The beach is silent, you will only hear the breath of the sea wind, feet in the warm sand. 10 km long, this wild shore still holds all its authenticity. Park your car at the car park and enjoy a walk, while filling up with oxygen. In the evening, the sunset is beautiful, worthy of a postcard.