Outside activities

Leisure activities close to Vieille Saint-Girons in the Landes

Located in the Landes department, Vieille-Saint-Girons is a jewel of nature where tourists flock to discover a wild forest, lively beaches and a unique lake. If you stop at this place or in its surroundings, here are the leisure activities to practice without hesitation.

Water activities around Océane campsite

For those who enjoy skiing, the town of Vieille-Saint-Girons offers them unparalleled water sports for surfing, canoeing, pedal boat rides or even a catamaran or sailboat adventure. Surf schools are also available to receive introductory or advanced courses. Competitions are organized for amateurs. These water activities are for all ages, from 3 years old. To enjoy, the current of Huchet or Lake Hossegor welcomes you with their enchanting charm.

The horse riding

By spending your holidays at the Océane campsite, you will have the opportunity to discover the town of Vielle-Saint-Girons. Enjoy a ride on the back of a pony or a horse, through the forest or on the beach. Horseback riding centers offer courses and courses to all holidaymakers. Different formulas are proposed. Gascony, Messanges, Dax or Angresse, these idyllic places reserve you so many surprises.


During your stay at the Océane campsite, enjoy walks to discover the Landes. The circuits are not lacking in the town of Vieille-Saint-Giron: Moulin de Binaou, along the stream of Prades, Levignacq on the Barzague, on the edge of the Adour or in the forest of Mimizan, each landscape is breathtaking. You have the choice between the sea, the dunes, the woods or the flowers, your hikes are not likely to be disappointing.

Other recreational activities

Near the Océane campsite, picnic areas are not lacking in the town of Vieille-Saint-Girons. You can relax with your family on the Lac du Vieille beach, and eat on the wooden tables under the shade of the pines. Water activities are nearby.If you like thrills, Adrenaline Park offers the maximum pleasure with several circuits to choose from. Children will be spoiled by participating in workshops or Paintball. The older ones will be able to challenge their fear on tree climbing. Quads and mini-bikes are available for rent.