Surf School

Learn Surf in the Landes, around Vieille Saint-Girons

The Landes coast is famous for hosting the best surf spots in the world. In Saint-Giron-Plage and around Océane campsite, there are several Surf schools waiting for you to enjoy an unforgettable family day.

Surfistador Surf School

Near Camping Océane, this is the closest school to the beach Saint-Girons since it is right in front of the car park. Each course lasts 1 hour 30 minutes, but you can opt for an internship of 3 or 5 days if you are in a group (8 people max.). The manager, Fred Woznak, is a professional instructor. It enlarges on the place and knows very well the movements of the water on this beach. By procuring all the necessary materials, the school entrusts you to an experienced instructor to teach you to master the board to the rhythm of the waves.

Max Respect

Located in Saint-Girons, this school is all about conviviality and kindness. Surf enthusiasts, beginners or amateurs, will be able to learn more about this nautical activity. You will climb on the board to play with the waves of Saint-Girons beach, a few steps from Océane campsite. Open to everyone from 6 years old, max Respect offers several formulas: session, mini-internship, intensive course or simple internship. A special session is dedicated to children from 6 to 10 years old with a professional coach. All accessories are available for rent.


Naturasurf, One Palm, Silver Landes in Leon

Léon is 4.27 km from Vieille Saint-Girons, so close to Camping Océane. Here are some surf schools available: Naturasurf teaches you to surf on the beach of the Lette Blanche, which breathes serenity and change of scenery.

The instructors use all their know-how to ensure your safety to make you discover with confidence the joy of skiing.

One Palm is led by Christophe and Rachel, two Surf enthusiasts who will be your instructors. All the necessary equipment is available for rent.

You can also learn stand-up paddle or bodyboard safely. Silver Landes welcomes you for a special surfing holiday or private lessons. Children (+ 6 years old) and adults will receive introductory and advanced training. Traineeships are also offered for Surfing, Stand-up-paddling, and Bodyboarding.