Pizzeria Snack Bar

Relaxed atmosphere in a wood decor poolside…

8:00 am the opening !

Our Artisan Boulanger Pastry cook delivers “Les Campaillettes” (traditional baguette), breads, baguettes on plate, croissants, chocolatines … and the day can start after a coffee, chocolate or a “breakfast” …

Lunch arrives: take-away fries or a salad to accompany a roast chicken bought in the morning on the market of Leon (every day), or a lunch on the go at Snack before enjoying a nice after

-midi “sports”: Nap, Pool, Beach! Already 16:00 and a small hollow: donuts, waffles, ice cream … and a cold beer! Back from the beach, it is soon 19:00: do not forget to order a “homemade pizza” if you want to take it away, otherwise serve at table until midnight!

Join us on Sunday evening for a drink or dinner listening to live artists from 21:00 to midnight (Jazz atmosphere, International Variety, Gipsy …)

Tuesday tea party theme (atmosphere games, quizzes, karaoke … …)

the Thursday evening place to dance (Valses, Rock, 80s, Disco …). On site or to take away, from breakfast to dinner, to listen, dance, share or have fun, “it’s like that … at L’Océane!”

  • bar en soirée au camping Océane

Snack menu