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Curious vacationers

For a cultural stay

Our region has many things to offer: discover its History ! Many cities in Les Landes have an history made of traditions, let’s have a look in the past.

  • In Sabre, stop by the écomusée de Marquèze which leads you into the 19th century culture.
  • In Pontenx, visit the old iron-works that shaped the city during the industrial era.
  • In Saint-Julien en Born, see the Phare de Contis, the only lighthouse of our shores.
  • In Linxe see the typical houses of our region.
  • In Lit-et-Mixe, the Musée des Vieilles Landeswelcomes you: a place where former traditions and ways of life are archived.
  • In Lévignac,the Musée JeanBouceau takes you for a journey through time: an exhibition of objects and documents of old times.
  • In Castets, you will be provided a rural heritage trail : a simple way to explore the history of the village.
  • Don’t hesitate to make a trip to Dax, where Roman baths can be see or to the famous Pays Basque to visit cities like Biarritz, Anglet or Bayonne.
  • For you children, go to Labenne where you will find a monkey park and a reptilarium.
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