Pizzeria Snack Bar Landes

Relaxed atmosphere in a wood decor poolside...

Our snack bar : a lovely place to relax by the the pool (from June 24 to september 02 )

8 AM : Our artisan baker brings French breads (campaillettes, baguettes...) and French viennoiseries (croissants, chocolatines...) while you can have a nice cup of coffee to start you day.

12 AM : Lunch time ! French fies and salads to go before you can enjoy the afternoon.

4 PM : Time for craving ! Waffles, ice creams and donuts available...with a fresh beer !

7 PM : Back from the beach : don't forget to order home made pizzas or book a table for the night : the snack closes à midnight.

On Monday nights, have a drink while listening to music. On Tuesday nights : come and dance to the rhythm of summer hits !

From breakfast to late night, that's how we live at L'Océane !



Menu Pizzeria Snack Bar

Open from 24/06 to 02/09